At the Emerson's House

This weekend was full of being outside. We are all ready for Fall, but it sure looks and feels like Summer here in Georgia. Sunday we headed up North of the City to a friends house who we haven't seen in way too long.

Leif and my husband Tom go back all the way to boyhood together and his wife Chris and I are both NC girls and get along really well. They bought a home on 1.5 acres and let's just say it's a kids paradise.

Their son RJ and Maddie get along so well now that they are older. Even though Maddie can be girlie sometimes and is begging me to let her grow her hair long so she "doesn't look like a boy" she can hang with them all day long. I adore the fact that she is such a free spirit. Such a great sister to two boys!

We ordered Johnny's pizza and let the kids run wild on their property filled with old trucks, an awesome playset, and lots of hiding places. The day ended with two little guys fast asleep before I could barely pull out of the driveway and an obligatory icee for Madds on the way home.

Tom and I even got home in time to head out with my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate my website launch with oysters and shrimp and grits from Six Feet Under. I could do it all over again every weekend. My heart is beginning to ache for free range living for my kids but I also love being able to call the City my home as well.  

I think we'll be back up to visit soon. Thanks Emersons!