Fenway's World

When Christina contacted me about the opportunity to come take photos of their adorable family and their soon to turn one-year-old I was ecstatic. When I found out Fenway's story I was over the moon as our families have something in common…the blessing of adoption.

Christina shared with me his amazing open adoption story and it was very clear that this little boy is special. He's lucky in that he has the love of two families who opened their hearts to him.

Christina and Davy were handpicked by Fenway's birth mom. No big agencies or drama. Literally a chance meeting and a blessing from God. I'm not sure it gets any better than that other than being named after the oldest stadium in the country because your dad's a huge baseball fan.

Christina shared she really wanted to just be at home and document their every day as a new family of three. She wanted to remember exactly how they are right at this moment in time with their two HUGE but sweet Bernese Mountain dogs (who are hilarious by the way) and their special boy. We also headed out to the Historic Old Fourth Ward park near their home for some fun in the water sprinklers and brought along one red balloon to signify their first year as a family. We ended with some pre-dinner laughs.

I'd say this family has hit a home run.


"Mama, where did I come from?" she asked
"From God" her mother answered
"Your papa and I were alone and we wanted a baby."
"And you got me?" Little Cub asked, her voice muffled from under the covers.
"Yes, my special child. God gave us you."

from  God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren