Knox's World

There are some people in this world that just light up a room and are as genuine as it gets. This is a story about those kind of people.

My husband can tell you that I get really nervous before I meet new clients. It's bad. I also still have the jitters before every shoot. Terrible. I never expected to take my passion outside of my personal life but for the last few years something has guided me in that direction. I truly feel blessed to be able to share what I love with others. It's hard to explain, but I see things differently through my camera and I can only hope that my clients are as open and kind as the McDonald Family.

Back to the jitters. When I got the call from Courtney I had no idea what to expect. She had seen my work through a friend/client and really wanted me to come document their life. I had just decided to take things to the next level and focus specifically on Storytelling.

As soon as I arrived there was an amazing calm in their house that was overwhelming. You can feel the love of this family radiating when they are around each other. I'm not just saying this but it was honestly the truth. This was one of my easiest shoots because they were content to just be themselves and have fun. We laughed, played in the backyard, shot a few hoops...just the good stuff.

Chris and Courtney dated in college in Ohio and then lost touch for 10 years. Life went on for both of them until one day Courtney got a random call from Chris. He had not forgotten her. They dated long distance and a year later Courtney left her home (she was working in NY as a Fashion Publicist) and moved to Atlanta. They got engaged, married, and had little Knox in the following years. CUTEST BABY EVER. Chris' son Griffin adds so much fun to their life too and is the BEST big brother I've ever seen. The blessings that have come into their life from that one random phone call are all around them and the nice thing is they see it too.

Courtney has been so kind reaching out to me when my mom died and other experiences we both have shared. There is one photo where she is holding Knox and she called in excitement to tell me it looked just like a photo of her mom holding her and how much that meant to her. Knox's world is pretty much amazing. This is why I love what I do.

In the words of one of the greatest fashion icons I know...

 “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn