Day In The Life sessions take the stress out of “preparing”

The first step is a phone or consult after booking to discuss what you’d like out of your session with me. It is always my goal to help you get what you are looking for out of our time together. I LOVE seeing your face and interacting before our time together.

On our scheduled day, I’ll arrive on your doorstep just like an old friend ready for whatever unfolds during your daily routine.

I know that sounds way too easy, but I promise you some of what you might think are the most mundane parts of your day become magic behind my lens.

 There is not much for you to do but be yourselves.

Make breakfast in your slippers, wipe crumbs off your toddlers face not because he needs to “smile at the camera” but rather because that is your after breakfast routine.

Let them wear their favorite super hero shirt. Let them take a nap with their lovies. Drink your coffee. BE YOU.

At the end of the day these photos will represent exactly who you are in your own home at exactly this moment in time.