To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.
— Brene Brown

Random Musings about me…

  • When I was little, I spent my days dressed up like Laura Ingalls Wilder with my dog by my side imagining long days on the Prairie.

  • My neighbors used to tell my parents I would be a Veterinarian one day. I was the animal whisperer. Wherever animals were they’d find me and it’s still the same today. Many have found my porch and my heart.

  • I was a total tomboy. The trees were my Summer home. Now I wear dresses almost every day and I have no explanation for any of it.

  • I’m an extroverted introvert which confuses so many people. I hate crowds, but LOVE hanging out one on one with great conversation.

  • I have an Interior Design degree and will sit with Architectural Digest magazine hiding in my closet for days.

  • I tried for a VBAC with my twins but they did not want to exit my body. Turns out they could have walked home from the hospital and I had to stay a little longer.

  • Parenting has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever gotten myself into. It has also been the most rewarding. It’s weird like that.

  • I try my best to lead a healthy lifestyle. I love Vegan food, essential oils and all the crunchy voodoo but I struggle with an exercise routine and giving up coffee. Basically, I’m normal ;)

  • I dream of living next to the water one day. It brings me a sense of calm like no other place.

Simply put, we crave real connection as human beings. As a new mother, I often felt guilty about the difficult seasons I was going through with my children. My camera became my friend in some really lonely hours with children who needed constant tending to.

I began to document their days inside our home and realized that all the things I worried about was truly beautiful when observed through the viewpoint of my lens.

This was a turning point for me and the beginning of a long journey finding my voice and vision for what I wanted to bring to other families. It would be my greatest honor to bring the gift of vulnerability and beauty to your family.

Stories & Honors:

The Define School, Student Stories: Motherhood

Clickin Moms 100 Photographers to Watch 2016

Honored to be included in the following gallery shows: 

Open 2015, Amblewood Gallery for Atlanta Celebrates Photography


Click Magazine, May/June 2016 issue

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