From the time I started photographing my own children, I fell in love with portraits. I found myself looking for different sources of light to capture them in unique ways. What I began to see was that they often became a part of documenting my children at play and when woven into a larger story became incredibly meaningful to me. No longer were they just a portrait to hang on the wall (although I do love when they are printed BIG) but were a part of their story. I discovered with my own children that bringing in the environment added depth and a richness to their faces.


First we will consult on all the details. If you prefer a real voice over email I would love to do a phone or video consult and get to know you. These are meant to be your kids at their most raw and honest times in their element. These are NOT formal portraits where you dress up and smile at the camera. They most often happen through a documentary approach during a session. Due to the nature of how I utilize light for these, some movement and placement will take place for some of the time especially when I’m working on up close portraits. There will never be forced posing.

*At this time Environmental Portraits are offered only as an add on to your Sessions.

Destination Day In the Life Sessions include Environmental Portraits as a part of the session fee.