When I was a child I used to think i was Wonder Woman.

I spent my days playing dress up, cuddling with my dog and cats, and climbing trees with my friends carving notes in the tree tops. Our bare feet as dark as coal carrying tiny notes from the sidewalks and green grass we traveled on hot Southern Summer days. 

I'm a poet often living life on the edge of a heart so full it could burst and a heart so vulnerable it could break just as easily.

I'm a mother grappling with the loss of my own mom learning to live life again amongst the most heartbreaking pain.

I'm a photographer who seeks to capture every day moments in my own way before my three beautiful children are gone from my wings.

I'm a not so perfect soul writing my life through photos and stories.

 Documenting your memories and the stories they tell are my passion. I'd be honored to work with you.

ATLANTA, GA and surrounding areas. Have a story? Will travel. Connect with me here.